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Your partner's period tracking app

  • We are building an app to help you track your partner's period.
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Apps are in production
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Tracking other person

There are countless app to track own periods, but there are none for tracking somebody elses.

No tracking

We don't track our users or ask for anything unrelated to the required data. We don't care about you do or who you are.

All data is secured

We keep all data secured and encrypted. And we don't sell your data to anyone, since we plan on charging money once app is useful.

All genders are welcome

We don't focus on any gender. You are welcome to track any person's period.

Gentle reminders

We will remind you when you might wanna be more gentle and supportive than usual. With a kind push.

App with a mission

We believe that we can change the world and make it better by helping people to care more for each other.

For everyone

Our mission is international and can be related to by anyone in the world. We are open to any users.

Help us build a product for you

We’d love to hear from you. Please fill in the questionnaire below to help us built the best app to satisfy your needs: